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3 October 2018
Brussels, Belgium
SMART PO Proposers' Day

How it works

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July 27 - Oct 1Registration
Set up a profile

Register & publish your collaboration wishes. The better your profile the more meeting requests you will receive.
You will then appear in the “marketplace” area which means other participants can easily identify whether you are of interest.

Sept 17 - Oct 1Book B2B meetings
You can book and accept meetings with other participants.

Oct 2Personal meeting schedule
You receive your preliminary meeting schedule by email

At the event
Bilateral  face-2-face meetings
You receive your updated schedule at the reception desk 


Closed since 1 October 2018


EUREKA Association, Rue Neerveld 107, Brussels, Belgium

Organised by


Belgium 8
Germany 1
Ireland 2
Norway 1
Spain 12
Sweden 6
Turkey 3
United Kingdom 1
Total 34


Company 15
University 2
Research Centre 12
Association 2
Authority/Government 3
Total 34